Do you love your Town? I know I do! I believe wholeheartedly that your opinion matters and although we may not agree on every issue I ask that we respect each other’s opinion and carefully consider each other’s viewpoint. Open communications is the key to personal pride, community engagement and our Town’s success. Negativity and disrespect do nothing to move New Milford forward.

I also believe that the Town Government should make every effort to fully include you in our decision-making processes. As Mayor, I will do a better job keeping the community informed and involved. No more surprises like Panda Power. Not only will I regularly keep you informed on projects and seek your input, but I will welcome new ideas, concerns and suggestions for improvement that I may not have considered. By collectively working with you and your neighbors we will make sure that Town projects and decisions are made based on the will of the people, as it was intended.

What makes our town a unique and special community is its diversity of people and ideas. I want to help foster a stronger sense of community to tap into that diversity.