Having lived in the Town of New Milford for over 20 years I can honestly say that the condition of our roads are the worst that they ever have been. In the past two years, funding for Public Works capital projects has been cut by just over 30%. Not one road in 2 years has been budgeted for reconstruction, compared to 10 roads that should have been reconstructed according to our 5 year Capital Plan.

I’ve talked to many of you, the taxpayers, and this is your number one concern. Not only are you concerned with today’s wear and tear on your vehicles, but you get it: ignoring our roads now will cost us severely in the future. For every $1 we do not spend on roads today, Public Works estimates it will cost us $5 in the future. The list of roads you are concerned about is long: Long Mountain, Town Farm, Cascade, Hine Hill, Fordyce Road, Squire Hill Rd., River Rd, Young’s Field, Long Mountain and many more. These road conditions impede our ability to draw new commuter families as well as additional businesses to Town, both of which would help increase our tax base.

We also need to ensure that Public Works has the appropriate funding for snow removal and salt/sand so that our roads can be cleared in a timely manner in the Winter.

I look forward to working cooperatively together with Public Works to provide you with a plan to assess how and when each road in Town will be improved.