The proposed renovation and expansion of New Milford’s library has been talked about, shelved, dusted off, reworked, and put back on the shelf again - for over a generation. Upon taking office I made it a priority to move the project forward.

The final proposal was crafted after much research and it was decided, as all big decisions should be, by the people of New Milford. I was told by some doubters that a referendum should not be held as it would have no chance of passing and would, "never move forward."  I am proud to say we all pulled together and proved the doubters wrong.  The project was overwhelmingly approved by the voters by a margin of 70% in favor, to 30% opposed!

The renovated Library will benefit residents of all ages – from children to the thousands of senior citizens who utilize our library throughout the year.  With improvements to community meeting space, study areas, services, and technology, New Milford’s downtown will truly be blessed with a facility for the 21st Century.

Important points include:

  • Over 5,500 square feet of new construction!
  • The Library, up until this point, had not been renovated in over 40 years!
  • The Trust for Historic Preservation approved the design.
  • A Maker Space will be created.
  • 6 different and varied meeting spaces, including private ones, will be available for Community Use!
  • The Children's Library will finally have the space that it needs and be wheelchair accessible.
  • An adult reading room will be added.
  • All mechanicals will be replaced and upgraded to maximize energy efficiency and comfort.
  • The front entrance will now be ADA accessible!

I appreciate, wholeheartedly, the many hours put in by our Library Modernization Committee members.  Their efforts represent what is great about New Milford.  They volunteered their time, did their due diligence, and above all, listened to the people in developing an excellent proposal that will benefit New Milford for decades to come.

If you would like to serve on the Construction Committee I would like to hear from you!