Our Town’s charm, good roads, and community engagement are secondary if we lose our residents because New Milford isn’t affordable. Real spending has substantially increased over the past two years. The Landfill Settlement Fund has been raided, without Board of Finance approval or your input, in order to keep tax increases minimal while government overhead has increased. This is an experiment we have seen fail at the state level. I will listen to all ideas and engage the public on the budget and major projects, ensuring our town will be affordable.

The first step is visibility. I will make sure that monthly financial reviews are provided during Town Council meetings, as required by our Town Charter as well as shared with you, the taxpayer. This is how good businesses run – they don’t wait to review the numbers only during budget time, especially if there is nothing to hide.

Secondly, we need some new thinking, and when elected I will immediately form an Efficiency & Utilization Committee to utilize your thoughts, as well as our municipal employees, to think outside the box and ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck with the money you entrust to us. Every idea will be considered and any amount of savings, large or small will move us towards ensuring affordability.

Last but not least, before any large project in Town is proposed I will provide you with a realistic budget, timeline and proposed method of payment before commencement of the project. I will present you with the challenges we may face and how I believe we can work together to overcome them. This will include forming committees of local experts in Town who will be gracious enough to volunteer their time to ensure that our projects will be affordable, on budget and with an end result you will be proud of.