There are many issues facing our Town.  Together I believe we can tackle each one and make New Milford even better than it already is.  My priorities are:

Pulling Together for Better Roads and Infrastructure

In the past two years, funding for public works capital projects has been cut by over 30%.  Not one road in two year has been budgeted for reconstruction, compared to the 10 in our 5 year capital plan.  This is your number one concern and delaying this important maintenance will only make it more costly.  I understand and will restore funding for road maintenance, snow removal and salting so that our roads are safe.

Pulling Together for Affordability

Real spending has substantially increased over the past two years. The Landfill Settlement Fund has been raided, without Board of Finance approval or your input, in order to keep tax increases minimal while government overhead has increased. This is an experiment we have seen fail at the state level. I will listen to all ideas and engage the public on the budget and major projects, ensuring our town will be affordable.

Pulling Together for New Milford Character & Charm

One of New Milford’s greatest assets is its rural character and charm.  Other towns are trying to emulate us by building now what we already have.  Promoting New Milford’s charm and character to friends, family, and visitors will ensure a vibrant village green, thriving businesses, and a strong local economy.

Pulling Together for Community Engagement & Civility

Your opinion matters and although we may not agree on every issue, I will respect differing opinions and viewpoints.  Negativity and disrespect do nothing to move New Milford forward.  Under my leadership, town government will make every effort to fully include you, the taxpayer, in our decision making process.  Keeping you informed and involved is my priority.