One of the most important things to me as your Mayor is engaging the community and ensuring civility. I love this Town and honestly believe we have the best Town in the USA!

I believe wholeheartedly that your opinion matters and although we may not agree on every issue I ask that we respect each other’s opinion and carefully consider each other’s viewpoint. Open communications is the key to personal pride, community engagement and our Town’s success. Negativity and disrespect do nothing to move New Milford forward.  I am proud to say that since I won the Election we have been able to accomplish not only this but so much more!

Online Presence
We have updated the Towns website to ensure that you can more easily find information on each department.  We have also encouraged them to move as much as possible online to make it easier for you to do business with the Town form the comfort of your own home.  For the first time, you can now apply for most permitso nline form the comfort of your own home!  Check it out by clicking here.

We have also changed the way that we record our Town Council meetings.  They are now streamed "Live" so you can see the Town Council conduct their business as it happens, in real time!  You can see the next meeting by clicking here!

Also, I immediately formed and regularly update the, "New Milford Mayor - Pete Bass," Facebook page to keep you informed on what is occurring in Town.  Join it today to stay up to date on the latest happenings in Town.

In Person Presence
Upon becoming Mayor, I started monthly, "Coffee with the Mayor," events.  This allows you to sit down with me in an informal environment to express your compliments, concerns or questions regarding how the Town is running.  Our last gathering had over 50 people in attendance!  I am always willing to listen to your suggestions on how I can better improve the Town!  Stay tuned for the next one to be announced soon!

I also have made it a priority to attend many events as possible form the latest veteran's ceremony to the Band Bash to Football, I am trying to be a part of our events as much as possible.  If you would like to make me aware of your event, send me a message and I will try to attend.

Recognition of our residents for their service to our Town has also been extremely important to me.  We regularly have various teams, organizations or residents to our Town Council so that we can recognize them for their contributions which help make us the best Town in the USA!

Resident Input
Thanks to your input we have formed many Committees to tackle our community problems head on!  A perfect example of how your input has helped make our Community better is Lynn Deming Park.  I received several calls regarding issues on the park.  I am thankful to the Parks and Rec staff who implemented several measures to improve our Park including:

  • Retraining and hiring of New Park security staff
  • Checking of Walk-Ins to confirm they are residents
  • Additional signage and traffic pylons to stop parking on Candlewood Lake Road North
  • Regular patrols by our police department
  • A new gate with RFID reader to allow you to enter more easily and prevent people from passing by the Guards without stopping.
  • If people are found shuttling people, their permits will be immediately revoked.

This has led to an immediate reduction in complaints and allows the Park to run smoothly, without incident.  This is all thanks to you ... the taxpayer!

We also recently approved several other park upgrades to better serve you, the taxpayer!

As always, I strive to be as accessible as possible.  If you need me, you can always reach me at (203) 788-2619!